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My name is Wietske, I’m a mixed media artist form the Netherlands. My passion is MAKING beautiful things. “That sounds quite general Wietske.” I hear you thinking. I will explain what I mean. For me it is all about the proces. The journey to the end result and how I get there. Which obstacles I have to overcome and what I can learn form it.

My background is in the creative industry. I followed several creative educations and eventually became a motion graphic designer. I am a jack of all trades kind of person, and I love to express myself with all kinds of mediums and materials. The textures and the contrast between the materials are the most important to me.

Beside being creative I do yoga and love to go out on the water to find some peace. I discovered paddle boarding, which I can do in my ‘backyard’. And in the summer you can find me at the beach catching waves.

“Epoxy and Me...”

I once saw an image of an ocean made with resin on Pintrest. It looked beautiful! I thought it would be fun and easy to make… But how wrong I was… Turns out it is super difficult to make waves and cells with resin.

Surfing the resin ocean about take me to the ocean

I HAD to get it right and started an obsessive journey to get to know the resin and the technique better. So many times I failed and was on the brick of giving up. But I got back to it every time and thought of a way to make it work. Eventually the moment was there..! My first real wave with cells lay there on the canvas staring at me. Oh!! I was so happy!! 😀

If you’ve been in the ocean swimming or doing other watersports you know the water has it’s own mind. Depending on the conditions of the weather you can kind of guess what you’ll be facing but there is no way you can steer the waves to your liking.

With resin it is kind of the same. Only it is a bit more steerable. I love how it pulls me in the moment and pushes me to be mindful and take the time to go through the steps. It is a sort of meditation for me.

“One man’s trash, is the other man’s treasure.”

“One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.” You’ve probably heart this before. And that’s how it works for me. After remodelling our house we had a lot of wood left. Those pieces that are to small to start a new project. Those pieces I use as a canvas, because I think throwing it away is a waste.

I am aware that resin is a chemical and not good for nature. That is why I try to make as less waste as I can. I use silicone cups to mix the resin. Resin sticks like crazy one everything except silicon, so I can use the cups over and over again. Out of the leftover resin I make cute keychains. And with every sold keychain I donate €1,- to The Ocean Cleanup. Because I think their cause is awesome!

Now you might think, cool you are telling me all about Take me to the ocean and WHAT is behind it. But I want to know WHO is behind it. I’ll tell you..

About take me to the ocean resin art landscape image
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